Story behind this project

Hey, My name is Mohd Danish and I solve real-world problems by building websites and web apps. I'm doing this since Jan 2019. Until now I have launched 10 products on ProductHunt.

I build this application as a fun project last year in Sep 2019 overnight and the next day just tweeted about this and it went viral with a great response.

🚀 Soft Launch.



Hacker News:

In 10 days I got 42k page views without any marketing and currently, I'm getting 1.2k page views without any marketing.

🧠 idea

I was checking my twitter feed and I observed that companies are tweeting about their job vacancies there. Suddenly, I got the idea of why not make a centralized website where all these tweets listed in a nice and more informative way.

So, the first step as usual makers do, decide the name of this idea and buy the domain. I bought the domain called ""

🤔 Process

Now, the main task of how to execute this idea and process to build. After a couple of hours, I decided on a basic flow after getting job data with twitter API.

I'm so bad at writing content. So, I designed the flow process with AdobeXD tool to get job posts data from twitter.

➡️ What's Next

The thing I just built as a one-day hackathon project, launch, and kept working on my full-time projects: &

When this COVID-19 pandemic came into the picture and getting news about companies firing people. So, they were looking for jobs on social network platforms. So, I decided to re-build with extra features. So, people can easily find jobs in this hard time.

🎨 Version 2

I decide to re-build tweetjobs(now it's with the advanced search feature. So, people can search for their required jobs.

Again, I use my design skill to make another workflow of v2 process.

In this new iteration I added the following features:

  • Trending & Recent Jobs Section
  • Advanced Search
  • Job Description View
  • 50+ Remote Companies
  • Newsletter
  • Highly Mobile responsive

So, go find the latest remote jobs That's all. If you find any grammar mistakes I apologize for that because my grammar is not so good.

If you want to connect please do follow me on twitter 👉@mddanishyusuf

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